IT HAPPENS - 11x14 inch

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TITLE:   ' it happens ' • 2017
SIZE:   11x14 inch
MEDIUM/SUBSTRATE:  oil on panel

FRAME:  custom built, artist designed and finished

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"It's so hard being human. We are prone to having emotions which make us do crazy things. Sometimes, we speak out of line or behave irrationally, regretfully hurting other people. It happens. Being human, we possess one trait no other living creature on this planet does, we can take accountability for our actions. 

We can own up to our mistakes without casting blame. This doesn't mean forgiveness will be granted, but, this one selfless act can go a long way in healing those that have been hurt. On occasion, we may be able to rebuild what we tore down—the journey may be long, but it may be possible. Be hopeful, but do not be blind to hard truths, sometimes, damage cannot be reversed. Although, there is value in accountability—it's called closure."


This painting is available for a limited time, and then it will be retired permanently. Final date to be determined by the release of my new body of work later this spring. 

If you wish to discuss an optional installment plan, please message or email me directly, I would be more than willing to accommodate you. 

This is an original oil painting. Painting is signed with initials on front, full signature on back, full narrative hand-written by me on back—comes with owners card.

Due to variances in screens/displays, colors will most likely vary slightly.

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